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Our business is about people — people and food. It’s about creating food that’s good for people.

We believe that decades of declining food quality has resulted in so many complex allergies, food intolerances and general poor health. We search for whole, natural, nutritionally dense ingredients and find innovative ways to produce delicious foods that people will love. Read more about how we developed our products.

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We are growing!

We have watched our sales grow rapidly in our first year of business, with over 100 independent retailers now stocking our products. Like all small businesses we believed that the key to success was to invest in premises and steadily grow the manufacture of our...

Building our business

As a business grows it needs different types of funding. When we started out we invested pretty much everything we had, our pension, our savings and any spare cash. In fact we have so far built around £87,000 of our own money into Sogud. But, as the business grew we...

Which of the following best describes your attitudes towards eating healthily?

I try to eat healthily…


  • All of the time 13%
  • Most of the tim 50%
  • Some of the time 29%
  • Rarely 6%
  • Never 2%

Mintel Report: Attitudes towards Healthy Eating – UK – February 2017