One of our goals in 2017 was to create some delicious Christmas products for the festive season We were surprised how early buyers started asking for these seasonal samples. It feels weird to be thinking Christmas in spring when one is anticipating long warm days and planning holidays.


Nevertheless, we began playing around with some ideas. We wanted to keep the themes we had already perfected, and decided to work on luxurious variants of our oat range. The trick was to make something that was fabulous enough without sugar or additives. So we developed a melt-in-your mouth topping made with Xylitol. We added ginger to give the Carob squares a bit of zing, and the a tiny bit of almond essence to the almond squares, which with the mixed fruit tasted like Stollen.



To our delight we had immediate interest from Foodist, a German hamper and online retailer. We made up some samples and designed special Christmas packaging and tentatively sent them away for tasting. To our surprise and joy, they LOVED them!

We will tell you more about the pains and tribulations of producing this order in our next blog