In July our first attempt at making Christmas products resulted in winning a HUGE order from Foodist a German hamper and online retailer – 44,000 across 2 flavours to be made in just 7 weeks!!!

Just planning such a big order like this is stressful. Imagine multiplying up everything … from ingredients to staffing to baking trays and storage space. We felt very grown up when our container was parked outside the bakery and when the huge quantities of ingredients began arriving, like we had made it to the ‘big league’. Within a few weeks we needed more space and rented a neighbouring unit for packing the pallets.


Then the hard work started – 7 weeks working 12 to 14 hour days, right through weekends. First we took on temp staff, then we reached out to our friends who generously gave their time. This was the most humbling part of this experience … people giving up their time (and some of their money too!). We had lots of fun and laughter and ready meals and pizza and aching legs.

Totally exhausted, we said goodbye to six carefully packed pallets on 8 September as they headed across the channel for Hamburg. We had made it!!


This was probably the most stretching experience in our lives. It rates on the same scale as climbing Everest or cycling across a big continent …. or having a baby or surviving cancer. It was equally exhilarating and challenging. Thank you Foodist for trusting us, and for being patient when we asked silly questions.

So what’s changed? Everything we do now is raised to a new level. Our ‘new normal’ has got a lot bigger and higher. I should be saying that we know where our limits are … but do we? Will we always just be pushing these limits in every direction? I think so!


Foodist added a 6,000 top up order 3 weeks later as the Advent Calendars sold so well, bringing the total to 50,000!