As part of the soul searching ahead of our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve taken a good hard look at our business, and come to a number of conclusions that perhaps we might not have thought about otherwise.

We’ve discovered that our business is essentially about people, people and food… and making food that’s good for people, so mostly it’s about people and building healthy relationships with people.

At first we started out working closely with our friends who inspired us to create the first few products. Then we began building relationships with our stockists one at a time – when we started out we didn’t have a single customer!!
Now, we have a loyal network of over 100 stockists up and down the country and close working relationships with a number of distributors and online market places.

A lot of people have been involved in growing our business. They have become an integral part of who we are. But, most of all you have helped us to build our business and bring people good, healthy food.