About Us


  • Respect our employees
  • Support suppliers and distributors
  • Source highest quality ingredients
  • Apply best practice standards


  • Challenge the status quo
  • Willing to make mistakes
  • Responsive to consumer input
  • Embrace change and disruption
  • Encourage big thinking

Customer Centric

  • Our customers are our business
  • Everything we do is about our customers
  • We aspire to understand, then exceed customer expectations


  • Always working with industry experts to learn, share and improve
  • Cultivate an ethic of contribution from all our stakeholders

Our Story

Our products were created in response to a gap in the market.  We could not find highly nutritious, wholesome on-the-go baked sweet snacks, and the people we spoke to said the same. This started the quest to create products that we could guarantee contained no additives, no processed sugar … only whole goodness.

We teamed up with Industry Experts such as Rowett Institute and Queen Margaret University to develop our recipes based on the highest nutritional standards,  as well as gained invaluable feedback from Customer Focus Groups and Sensory Testing Sessions. We then built our own bakery in Wishaw and began lovingly making our products the good old fashioned way … by hand.

Terri Petrie – does the other stuff

Terri juggles many balls, from bossing the bakery staff around to detailed financial planing and VAT returns (the bane of her life!). Together with Rosie, she helped to convert a crazy idea into reality, which means she’s pretty stubborn. Her favorite thing is employing people and she loves to see her team happily working together in the bakery. Terri dreams about creating jobs and giving dignity to the local people in Craigneuk, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK.

Neil Petrie –  mostly selling and bits and bobs

Neil just loves people, especially when he can talk to them about our great products. He travels around the UK doing tastings and and meeting new stockists, convincing them they should sell our stuff.  Most weekends he can be found in far flung Farm Shops wearing his orange apron coercing the ladies to try his wares.  In November 2015 he donned his overalls and renovated our premises so that we could use it as a bakery. Being multi-talented he also fixes broken machinery, puts up shelves, re-formats computers, takes our photos and video and collects emergency orders from Greencity Wholefoods.

Rosie Pillinger –  does the baking

Rosie has always loved baking, and has channelled her passion into her role as Production Manager for SoGud.  She was the brainchild behind our range of wonderful products, and worked closely with Queen Margaret University during our Scottish Enterprise funded NPD project.  She is expertly administers the piles of paperwork needed to comply with HACCP and SALSA and generally keeps everyone in line with food hygiene and quality standards.

Stuart McDonagh

Stuart is a Chartered Accountant and has worked as a Finance Director in various companies including BET (now Rentokil), George Wimpey, Berkeley and Kier Group. He now specialises in supporting businesses in the food industry and brings his vast experience in Financial Management to the team

Brendan Gunn

Brendan provides expertise and best practice in the use of technology to improve productivity and profitability for the company. He is currently driving the implementation of  our ERP system.

Caroline Wengel
Mentor and advisor

As well as being our industry  mentor, Caroline co-founder one of the first micro breweries in Scotland, which wasd sold in 2012 after trading successfully for 15 years.

Greig Anderson
Brand design

Partner and creative director at Freytag Anderson, an award winning UK based branding and design studio, Greig designes all our branding and packaging and ensures consistency across all formats.